BUSINESS PACKAGE- Chondrus Chrispus (Can make you around 2,000) from Ireland Dr Sebi Sea Moss Wildcrafted Sea Moss from the rocks-



A BASIC GUIDE OF HOW YOU CAN TURN YOUR $300 INTO $2000 PLUS IN SALES (The higher the package the more you make)

All Packages Include both Gold Chondrus Chrispus, unless low in stock it will come with all gold, instructions & 4 pages of marketing tips and wholesale information for supplies- such as jars, Bags, boxes and labels. No coaching on sale packages

The STARTER COMES with Completely Chondrus Chripus
Fully dehydrated sea moss from Ireland 2 lbs. Our sea moss grows wild on the rocks of Ireland in the cold Ocean waters. This natural process gives the sea moss its' minerals and health benefits. We then harvest the moss, package, and ship globally

The Complete package comes with sea moss, instructions and marketing tips and xtra 1 lbs of Burdock and 1 lb of Bladderwrack to make complete gels, which give ALL 102 minerals the body needs

The weightloss package comes with everything the complete package does plus sarsaparilla and soursop to make the weight loss gels, which also give 102 minerals the body needs.

Spirulina package will come with sea moss, 1 lb moringa and 1 lb spirulina To make the belly bulge gel, and I will give assistance on making the gel.

The Elderberry Starter comes with sea moss plus 1 lb elderberry Extract 10:1 strength - sell elderberry gels for $60 plus a jar and it now comes with 1 lb of whole elderberries to make syrup also- the syrup alone makes $400 plus along with $2,000 plus in Sea Moss Gel.

Aphrodisiac package will come with sea moss, 1 lb of black maca powder, 1 lb of Moringa powder, 1 lb of horney goat weed powder

Do it All is the package 4 lbs sea moss , 1 lb of burdock (or 1 lb of Dandelion root), 1 lb Bladderwrack, 1 lb of spirulina, 1 lb of Moringa powder, 1 lb of horney goat weed powder, 8 oz tongkat, 1 lb elderberry powder, 1 lb sarsaparilla or 8 oz powder and soursop leaves and 1 lb whole elderberries with instructions to make elderberry syrup, some items will vary by what's in stock, tongkat is out of stock. (which makes over $500-elderberry syrup).

"Rich Organics" brand sea moss is a quality brand you can trust, sold in the US for many decades. You will receive 2 lbs of dry chondrus (4 for the do it all), you will receive either gold or multi- no choosing- itll be based on current stock- we ship in fresh sea moss every 2 weeks.

Please check if we have in stock or if you placed a pre-order some are subject to ship in 7-10 days
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